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  Receptionreception reg

  • Our reception offers a spacious, fully computerized and an airconditioned environment to receive you. Our friendly staff is there to help you.
  • We have two consulting rooms, large enough for you, your pets, family and friends. Both rooms are equipped with scales, microscopes and medication.


Lory Kennels 1










  • We have three sets of kennels for our day patients, sick patients and patients with infectious diseases ensuring their comfort, peace and quiet and safety. Animals with infectious diseases are kept seperated from other patients in our isolation kennels.



theatre dr jOperating theatre

  • Our operating theatre is large and has a mobile anaesthetic machine as well as monitoring equipment to create a safe operating environment. Anaesthetics are monitored. Climate control is available. Routine surgery includes sterilizations, caesarians , lump removal, basic abdominal surgery and orthopaedics. Any complicated cases are readily referred.




laboratorium 2 500 x 280Laboratory

We have a dedicated laboratory facility that offers a large range of in-house tests:

  • Blood smeers
  • Skin scrapings
  • Faecal examinations
  • Urinary examinations
  • Blood tests (haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes & blood gasses)
  • Semen evaluations (bulls, rams, dogs)

For tests that we cannot offer ourselves we make use of external laboratories.


DSC 0008


  • We also have two ultrasound machines which we use for pregnancy diagnoses in dog, cats, sheep, cattle and horses. They are also used as part of our diagnostic equipment to scan various organs and areas of the body.



X-raysonar reg

  • Our x-ray facilities include digital development. This makes this service faster, more efficient and a lot more accurate and specific than regular development. We can e-mail you your x-rays or copy them to a CD if you need to go to a specialist.
  • Hip and Elbow dysplasia x-rays are taken and processed electronically for you to receive official grading on your dogs.


  • We offer endoscopy as an option for indepth investigation in our medium to large pets and equines. This enables us to look directly into the oesophagus and stomach as well as into the trached. This is the "camera" that "swallow".





  • With the help of an ultrasonic scaler and a high speed drill we will clean your pets mouth. Regular scaling, like with people, extends the life expectancy of teeth, reduced bad breath and reduces oral as well as some systemic infections. 

Exercise area

  • We have an enclosed exercise area leading off our kennels. Here you can also spend time with your pet during visitation.

Pet foods

  • We also have the following pet foods available: Eukanuba, Hills, Royal Canin and Vets Choice. Regular diets as well as prescription diets are available. Check out our Hills Pet Slimmers section as well. Special requests for foods can be ordered. Please order well in advance of your needs. Foods are also available at the Vetshop.


  • The Rogz range is available at the practice but most accessories like bedding, toys, and treats are available from the Vetshop.


Animal breeder’s days.

  • E-mail communication.
  • Occasional farmer’s days.
  • Puppy school.
  • Slimming program.
  • We also offer dental services.  We do tooth extractions, scaling and polishing.
  • DNA bird sexing.
  • V-Plan management programme for farmers.
  • Pet care service at home while you are away.
  • Pet insurance information.
  • Pet export information.

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